Reality Disaster

September 7, 2012

Another way-quick end to the workweek and this morning along California’s northern coast is about like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before — overcast and moist.
Yesterday was fog-laded and chilly — the sun made brief appearances, but was crowded out by clouds.
Forecasts for this part of the US via climate change foresee a couple degrees warmer and more rain.

And that’s the big thorn in the eye of humanity — a quickly changing climate.

Last night, at the way-least, President Obama in his speech at the DNC did finally crow, “…climate change is not a hoax…” and apparently from all the horse-talk in Charlotte, maybe more public discussion will be coming as this nasty, strange election draws down.
However, all the kings’ men may not be able to stave off the horror a coming.

(Illustration: Picasso’s ‘Study for The Two Sisters‘ found here).

One counter is we need a World War II approach — gearing everybody and everything into the war effort, in this case, climate change, or else it’s Doomsville: That is where we are heading, and unless the government steps in directly, and in a big way, there will be no nation to secure.

James Howard Kunstler in his post last Monday touched upon the tangled web of clusterf*ck-bullshit that would hamper such a WWII undertaking and it’s all reality:
Money snip on the environmental mess:

The two major parties both proclaim that the USA is verging on “energy independence.”
Both parties are lying.
Reality knows that the shale oil “game changer” is a mirage.
By 2014, the “sweet spots” of the Bakken will deplete faster than new wells can be drilled, and the impairments of banking will constrict the supply of capital investment for that hypothetical future drilling.
All the deregulation in the world will not alter the fact that future oil is expensive, exists in places where it is hard to work, and entails unappetizing geopolitical contingencies.
Reality favors letting go of automobile-based living and the adoption of walkable communities connected by inland waterways and railroads.

A pipe dream as the real world moves in opposite directions.
The rich 1 percent class doesn’t yet understand the urgent need — and all these guys, from Obama, Biden, Bubba Clinton, Romney, Ryan, all these guys are wallowing in money and they have not yet come to grips the end is way-fast approaching.

Ashvin Pandurangi at The Automatic Earth poses a much depressing note of everything is not going to be A-okay.
A look:

Ironic, yet frighteningly appealing to the broader public.
Yet another aspect of this cultural programming is the idea that all troubling stories have a happy ending – that all good things come to those who [sit on their ass and] wait.
We have obviously been fed this diet of propaganda by movies and television on a consistent basis over the course of decades.
You sit through one and a half hours of action-packed plots with drama, romance, suspense, twists and turns mixed in… and then the whole thing comes together and the heroes prevail in the last 20 minutes.
That’s truly how many people view the world now – an epic movie that is approaching its glorious credits, just so the sequel can come out next year.
This virulent mentality is not only quarantined to the mainstream materialistic culture, but is also evident in many alternative spheres of cultural milieu, even penetrating its way into the so-called “Doomer” crowds.
Many people who are otherwise extremely pessimistic about the current world-system and its effects on human civilization have found refuge in the idea that we are entering a “New Age” of human existence.
It may be initially characterized by pockets of chaos and upheavel, but it will end with a radical spiritual transformation that results from the natural evolution of human consciousness.

They’re selling us exactly what we want to hear — that the reality of human suffering in the world is not actually as bad as it appears to be; that there is more truth in the fictional movies we have seen than in our real lives.
Maybe if we can just find that slick-looking guy in the black leather jacket and cool shades, snatch the red pill and wash it down with a bottle of Absinthe, the truth will be revealed to us and everything will be alright in the end.
Or maybe the blue pill will give us a better high…?
Either way, I’m here to say that we should be really careful what we wish for, because there is only a razor thin line between the truth and fiction these days.

That’s right Neo, down the rabbit hole.

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