Impromptu Deception

October 14, 2012

Dishonest with a smile.

(Illustration found here).

From the Washington Post yesterday afternoon:

Paul Ryan visited a soup kitchen here Saturday on his way to the airport, but by the time the GOP vice presidential nominee and his family had arrived shortly before noon, the grits, sausage and doughnuts had been served, the hall was empty of patrons and the volunteers appeared to have already cleaned up.

After greeting and thanking a handful of volunteers from St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Canfield, Ohio — who said they typically visit the St. Vincent DePaul Society every Saturday and serve food from 10 to 11:30 a.m. — Ryan, his wife and their young children headed to the kitchen, donned white aprons and offered to clean up some dishes.
Ryan stood at the sink and took some large metal pans that did not appear to be dirty, soaped them up and rinsed them, remarking as the cameras clicked and the TV cameras rolled that he had spent a summer washing dishes when he was younger.
“We had a Hobart, though, which was — you get calluses on your fingers because it’s so hot,” he said, referring to the Hobart industrial dishwashing machine.
A few minutes into the dishwashing, reporters were escorted out of the building and onto a press bus.
As Ryan exited the building some minutes later, a small group of people, some of whom appeared to be homeless, seemed to engage Ryan, and the candidate stopped for several moments and spoke with them.
The campaign escorted photographers from the bus for Ryan’s exchange, but reporters were not allowed to do so. Ryan’s motorcade took off for the airport a few moments later.
A campaign aide said that the exchange was not open to press because it was an impromptu conversation.false

My underline to emphasize the political bullshit.
Just how sleazy can these people be?

A major hat-tip for the above from the always-awesome BagNewsNotes, which added:

Although cautiously worded, the WAPO story indicates that Ryan, with his family present and donning aprons, took already clean dishes, then soaped them up and washed them for the cameras as if he was really contributing.
Because there have been so many allegations made about the Romney/Ryan campaign and truth telling, my question is: did Ryan in fact stage his involvement in the clean up of the meal, and to what extent did the press collude with the campaign to make it appear so?

Still, WAPO reporter Felicia Sonmez observed the dishes to be clean and I spoke last night with another journalist who was there who also observed them to be clean.
According to the person I spoke with, the dishes Ryan was working on were already out when the photographers and reporters were ushered in but the kitchen appeared to have been cleaned, things had already been put away and the staff was ready to go home.

And another bullshit spot — one has to give these assholes credit, they can impromptu a false impression at the drop of a hair.
And why the f*ck can’t the MSM at least act like they have sense — ‘cautiously worded‘ to keep from offending these way-thin-skinned assholes.
Grow a couple!

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