Life as lying

October 21, 2012

Just about everybody but Republicans know Mitt Romney lies out his ass — if he can’t come up with any kind of falsehood, he’s speechless.
Eclectablog takes a look at Politifact‘s bullshit meter:

For statements that were ruled to be “True” and “Mostly True”, it’s Obama and Biden at 45.0 percent, Romney and Ryan at 29.1 percent.
When it comes to “False”, “Mostly False” and “Pants on Fire”, it’s Romney and Ryan at 43.9 percent and Obama and Biden at 28.8 percent.
In fact, Romney and Ryan have over 4 times as many “Pants of Fire” lies as the President and Vice President.
Mitt Romney himself has well over half of the total amount of “Pants of Fire” lies (58.6 percent) of all the candidates combined!

And there’s some charts at the link for the numbers-impaired amongst you.

(Illustration found here).

Despite all the noxious falsehoods, and just plain-down-right lying, some people on the street can see through the curtain:

“I can’t figure out why he lies so much,” wonders Steve Putnam, a middle manager at a small company in another swing state, Colorado.
Putnam, 42, has a daughter in high school who’s already thinking about university.
He says he was an ‘undecided’ until the second debate, and now will vote for Obama.
“Monday night he said he would expand Pell Grants but he and (running mate Paul) Ryan have both said they would cut them.
Didn’t he tell students to borrow the money from their parents for school?” he asks.
“If I had forty or fifty thousand dollars, doesn’t he think I’d give it to Melissa for her education?”
“He said he would make student loans more affordable,” Putnam adds, “but when I looked at his website, Romney says he will use banks again as a middle man for student loans. How does that make college more affordable?”

Romney is just after the ignorant vote — people who aren’t paying attention to the details.
The Lohan Effect it’s called:

Ask the political scientists, pollsters, and other professional analyzers of the electorate who parse these sorts of things.
They will tell you — as they have told me repeatedly over the years — that undecideds or swing voters or whatever you want to call them tend to be low-information folks who cast their ballots based on whichever candidate gives them the last-minute warm-and-fuzzies.

Even if the pants do catch fire, too many knuckleheads won’t notice.

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