Crying in a vacuum

October 23, 2012

Last night another display of how US governance has seemingly reached the surreal level as a one-sided debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney revealed a GOP endorsement of a Democrat president.
Romney agreed so much with Obama all during the debate, one wonders if his well-coiffed head had been shoved way-up his ass.

Sweating like Dick Nixon, Mitt couldn’t handle the unbearable unlightness of being: Shorter Mitt: Please get me the f*ck off this stage!?!!?

(Illustration found here).

In fact (if there is such a thing in 2012), instead of bashing Obama, Romney curled up with the last four years and went to sleep.
An editorial this morning from the LA Times:

Monday’s presidential debate, the third and last between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, featured a forceful and articulate defense of Obama’s foreign policy.
That was no surprise.
What was surprising was that it came from Romney.

If Romney believes in a thoughtful and centrist foreign policy, which he hadn’t until Monday night, it would argue for his candidacy.
But if that vision is attractive — and it is — why not stick with the president who is already pursuing it?

Yeah, but…

Going into the thing — the last time these two clowns will be seen this close together — one would have expected maybe for-sure in a debate over national security, that the biggest, wildest and most-dangerous security threat would have been discussed, even in a most-peripheral way — climate change.
But noooo….
No a word, not a letter, nor a phrase — this following Obama’s shithead remark in the second debate about the total bull-crap of “clean coal,” as there’s no such animal: Coal is not and will never be clean, and President Obama and all of his apologists know it.
Pisses me off to no end.
The US military already understands: Such climate-induced crises could topple governments, feed terrorist movements or destabilize entire regions, say the analysts, experts at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies who for the first time are taking a serious look at the national security implications of climate change (via the New York Times).
This so-called “climate silence” was endorsed by a flippant remark by CNN‘s Candy Crowley, the previous debate moderator: “Climate change, I had that question,” she was quoted as saying. “All you climate change people. We just, you know, again, we knew that the economy was still the main thing.”
WTF — “…you climate change people…
If there’s no food to eat and no air to breathe, what’s the economy in that?
We’re all climate-change people!

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