‘Let it snow, let it snow’

December 11, 2012

(Illustration: Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday).

My youngest daughter moved to Minneapolis in the fall of 2011 and that following winter was an easy snap — not much snow and not much severe weather.
However, now is now.
She took the above photo on her phone of a street scene near her apartment — the region has been hit with a goodly storm.
Via US News and World Report:

The storm’s combination of snowfall, frigid temperatures, and wind caused more than 600 car accidents, another 1,300 spinouts off the road, and more than 150 canceled flights, according to the Minnesota State Patrol and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.
The conditions were bad enough that state highways in west and southwestern Minnesota were closed Sunday afternoon.
The state later took all snowplows off the roads.
St. Paul and Minneapolis were among the worst hit, according to the National Weather Service. The twin cities saw 10 to 15 inches of snow and single-digit temperatures. The sheer volume of snow made the weekend’s storm once in a generation—the 10.5 inches of snow that fell at the area’s airport in 24 hours has only happened 20 times in the past 128 years, according to the NWS.
The deepest snow was 17 inches, considerably more than the area’s heaviest snowfall last year, which was 4.2 inches.

Born and raised in the balmy climes of southern California, my daughter has a winter’s ride ahead.
She e-mailed last night: It’s not as bad as it looks. I have thermals, and sweaters, and mittens and all that, so its not too bothersome. I’ve been taking a lot of really cool pictures, though.

Cool ain’t the right word, kid.
How about, ‘Freakin’ cold!

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