New bit of Americana: ‘active shooter scenario’

December 13, 2012

AR15_0When a wee-young lad, I was subject to the now-ludicrous “duck and cover drills” in school where all us students practiced what to do in case of a Soviet nuclear attack.
The whole scenario was way-stupid: The huge destructive power of hundreds of H-bombs along with the growing knowledge of the dangers of radioactive fallout made the simple “duck and cover” drills cruelly ironic.
The reality of those exercises was just “emotion management” for the to-be-scared-shitless population.

Nowadays, it’s not bombs from on high, but bullets from on low — and US peoples have been so hard hit by public, firearm slaughters they’ve developed an instinctive emotional defense for these episodes, referred to as “active shooter scenario.”
What a state of affairs.

(Illustration found here).

In the aftermath of the latest of these public slaughters — Tuesday’s horror show at the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland, Ore., which left two shoppers and the gunman dead, one shopper critically wounded and revealed an already-prepared population.
The shooter has been identified as 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts of Portland, and though no motive has yet surfaced, Roberts was armed with an AR-15 he’d stolen from “someone he knew.”

Most of the 10,000 Christmas shoppers at the mall appeared nearly as ready and able as police to deal with a gunman appearing suddenly in their midst, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said on Wednesday.
“Many people have asked me why there were so few victims during this incident,” said Sheriff Roberts.
He listed the fact that Mr. Roberts’s AR-15 semiautomatic rifle intermittently jammed and noted a well-practiced mall lockdown procedure.
But he also credited “10,000 people in the mall who at one time kept a level head, got themselves out of the mall, helped others get out, secured themselves in stores.… It was really about a whole group of people coming together to make a difference.”

Also at the press conference yesterday, local law enforcement officials did not know whether any member of the public carrying a concealed weapon had counterattacked Roberts, but that he apparently died by his own hand.
Of course, after he apparently unjammed his semi-automatic hardware.

Via Wikipedia:

The AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56 mm, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle, with a rotating-lock bolt, actuated by direct impingement gas operation or long/short stroke piston operation.
It is manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials.
The AR-15 was first built by ArmaLite as a selective fire rifle for the United States armed forces.
Because of financial problems, ArmaLite sold the AR-15 design to Colt.
The select-fire AR-15 entered the US military system as the M16 rifle.
Colt then marketed the Colt AR-15 as a semi-automatic version of the M16 rifle for civilian sales in 1963.
The name “AR-15” is a Colt registered trademark, which refers only to the semi-automatic rifle.

Last July, James Holmes used an AR-15 to slaughter mover-goers in Aurora, Colo., and although there was a federal ban passed in 1994, it was allowed to expire in 2004.
In 2012, there have been 13 mass public slaughters — killing a shitload of innocent people.
Anyone see a trend?

A military attack from an outside source is one thing, an average joe going ballistic in a crowded area with an AR-15 is way-another, but even with this Oregon incident, the odds are very, very good nothing will even be done about any kind of gun control.

Duck and cover to an active shooter — war has come home.

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