Where’s the motivation? — Crash!

August 5, 2013

bicycle-crashIn the world of way-big-time journalism, some snags are expected — and some not expected at all.
The crash last Friday of my blog is apparently bigger than was first noted. It seems there’s a problem with photos and content, all squirming around technical shit I haven’t a clue to understanding. I can click, and I can type, beyond those tiny footholds, there’s pure ignorance.

And where’s the inspiration? And the sense of fulfillment: It’s a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my ass off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don’t see another dime, so where’s the motivation? And here’s something else, Bob: I have eight different bosses right now.

(Illustration found here).

My boss is me, and I’m an idiot. So you can pretty well count on high production levels at this blog, which I have been slaving now for more than six years.
And what have I got to show for it?
Even if I work my ass off and post a few extra stories, I don’t see one dollar — not a single cent.

Hence, motivation is off the scales — so then, why should the US be motivated to kidnap Eddie Snowden from the clutches of the nefarious Russkies?
Due maybe to hypocrisy:

U.S. government’s ongoing refusal to extradite Bolivia’s former president Gonzalo (“Goni”) Sánchez de Lozada for serious human rights crimes related to the shooting of protesters in 2003.
Goni lives comfortably just outside Washington, D.C. in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and as a member emeritus of the Inter-American Dialogue is close to Washington foreign policy circles.
The worst allegations that pundits have leveled at Snowden are that his leaks could endanger Americans – allegations for which there is no evidence.
The case against Goni, however, is serious: he is believed to be responsible for ordering the military to attack protesters, resulting in the shooting deaths of over 67 and injury to over 400.


The U.S. continues to shelter Luis Posada Carriles, a convicted (and admitted) murderer and terrorist believed by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies to be responsible for blowing up a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing 73 people, including the entire Cuban fencing team.
Posada surfaced in the U.S. in 2005; he was tried on immigration charges several years later, but was acquitted and has been allowed to stay in the U.S. since.

A nasty double standard for transparent President Obama — where’s the beef?
Or the motivation?
Or the bullshit lying — yesterday, Glenn Greenwald motivated ABC’s Martha Raddatz with some insights to snooping:

“I think the most amazing thing, one of the most amazing things in this whole episode, Martha, there is a 2011 opinion, 86 pages long from the FISA court, that ruled that much of what the NSA is doing which is spying on American citizens is both unconstitutional in violation of the Fourth Amendment and illegal, a violation of the statute,” he continued.
“This opinion remains a complete secret.
The FISA court has said they have no objection to having it released, but the Obama administration insists it has to be secret.”
“Both members of Congress and others have been requesting simply to read that court opinion.
And the intelligence committee that is led in the House by Mike Rogers (R-MI) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD), who represents the NSA district, receives all kinds cash from the defense and intelligence agencies, industries, have refused to allow them access.”

I feel some kind of motivation coming on right now!
No — it’s the coffee effecting the bowels.
And it’s Monday — sucks the motivation right out of my ass.

I’m expecting a new look to Compatible Creatures way-soon, with a new theme and all kinds of motivating instruments of mass motivation.

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