September 24, 2013

4340885916_d1f31c92ab_nOvercast and drizzly this early Tuesday on California’s north coast, and apparently the air this morning is a good sound modifier as I can hear the roar of the Pacific Ocean from about a mile away.
Weather is not whether you like it or not, but just life.

Today’s a special day.
What kind of special day?
Fuck you! It’s just special; other days are special, too.
Due to this: A comma is a comma, a period is a period, and a semicolon is an argument waiting to happen.

(Illustration found here).

When we write, at the end of a sentence, or a thought (which has to be a sentence of some kind), there’s this little something that either adds to, or takes away from the meaning of the sentence. Sometimes the little something can change the whole shebang!
(The exclamation point is really uncalled for!)

Today is National Punctuation Day, a yearly homage to those little somethings we use all the time, but really don’t think about — and usually mess up.
These little somethings are the period, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, colon, semicolon, hyphen, dash, parentheses, brackets, apostrophe, quotation marks, and sometimes, the slash.
And my favorite — the ellipsis, a set of three evenly-spaced dots, which usually signifies some words have been omitted.

Surfing through the various load of news sites this morning, it was nothing new, just the same old horrible bullshit spewing from just about every corner of the globe. The confused slaughter in Kenya, the now-back-burner crisis in Syria, the UN pow-wow this week in New York, a 7.8 earthquake in Pakistan, and on and on, down to less than a week for a possible US government shutdown over health care.
Bad news.
Bad news?
Yes, bad news!
“Bad” news.
Bad, news.
[Bad news].
Bad’s news.
Bad; news, yes.
(Bad news).
Bad news…

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