Tea and Trumpets

June 11, 2014

eric cantor pleased as punchUp early this morning to some sweet news — for a change:

In the most-stunning upset since Republicans took over the House of Representatives four years ago, Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his GOP primary Tuesday to a poorly funded and disorganized Tea Party activist.
David Brat, an economics professor, beat Cantor by 12 points when the Associated Press called the race shortly after 8 p.m. Cantor served as the congressman from Virginia’s 7th district since 2001 and as the leader of House Republicans since 2011.
“I know there’s a lot of long faces here tonight, and it’s disappointing, sure, but I believe in this country, I believe there’s an opportunity around the next corner for all us,” Cantor told supporters after his defeat.

And some WTF Tweets, like this: Holy crap, Cantor goes down. Hello bad polling.

(Illustration found here).

And House Speaker John ‘The Boner‘ Boehner reacted as if last night was the result of a horrific, bone-crunching accident:

“Eric Cantor and I have been through a lot together.
He’s a good friend and a great leader, and someone I’ve come to rely upon on a daily basis as we make the tough choices that come with governing.
My thoughts are with him and Diana and their kids tonight.”

Joyous, and joyous…

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