Sunday Liar, Monday Sociopath

June 23, 2014

miraqThick ground fog this early Monday on California’s north coast as the weekend becomes history with toil and labor and nonsensical work all in a conspiracy to make me sad.
Doesn’t matter, most-everybody is unhappy on a Monday.

Drawing the top story again this morning, Iraq is quickly disintegrating into a violent, armed camp — Dufus John Kerry arrives in Baghdad with some apparent mission, but the biggest problem is the “psychological collapse” of the national army in the face of the ISIS advance.

In the midst of all this Iraqi ugliness, Americans can be idiots — from UPI: A new poll from Gallup indicates former U.S. President George W. Bush is six points higher in favorability than U.S. President Barack Obama.

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According to the poll, George Jr. picked-up a 53 percent favorable and 44 percent unfavorable rating, while Obama came in at 47 percent favorable and 52 percent unfavorable. Wild Bill Clinton is still top dog at 64/34 percent, next Bush Daddy at 63/31 and Jimmy Carter, the “malaise” president, came in at 52/32: Obama was the only president that had a more unfavorable than favorable opinion.
Even Iraq can’t rock George Jr.

The big picture, however, is not just Iraq and Syria, but a wide swath of land which includes Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Israel, and the ISIS is getting rich and gaining traction. One of the great shit problems to arise out of the ashes of George Jr.’s adventure to make the Middle East an US protectorate, or something, was allowing the al-Qaeda brand to find an Iraqi home. This entire mess is square on the shoulders of all those assholes sucking around George Jr.’s White House.
And one of the great galling shit-assness of this renewed interest in the furnace of Iraq are those war criminals and bogus brainiacs who undertook the 2003 invasion in a pipe-song of glee and lies are now showing up all over to present their two-cents worth of wrong-headed advice on how the current president is such a wimp.
One of the great horror-assholes of our age, The Dick, was was on ABC News yesterday and plowed old ground with a new mule: “If we spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago we’re going to miss the threat that is growing.”
Hey, Dick, from where the fuck did that “threat” come? And although The Dick ain’t alone with all kinds of nefarious shitheads from the wonderful war popping up all over the media to offer their insights of the worse kind — household asshole names like Paul Bremer, and even Paul “Wolfman” Wolfowitz — the GOP ain’t real happy about it.
From The Hill:

Now, as Republicans eye a Senate majority in an increasingly favorable political climate, Republican strategists say it would be better if the architects of the 2003 invasion of Iraq stayed off television.
“Whenever the conversation is on Iraq, it’s not good news for Republicans,” said John Ullyot, a GOP strategist and former Senate aide.
“That’s not helped at all over the last week by a bunch of people who we hadn’t heard from in several years — Republican figures associated with Iraq from the Bush administration — who were suddenly back on major shows discussing the current state of affairs in Iraq.
“It was not a helpful reminder,” he added.
“They probably should have stayed off the shows.”

And The Dick and company should have stayed out of Iraq to start with, and if not, a jail cell for war-like personality disorders.

(Illustration out front found here).

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