Hillary on the Refrigerator Door

April 12, 2015

20141127_111921Bright sunshine sparkled by a brisk ocean breeze this Sunday afternoon on California’s north coast, and quiet, except for the occasional neighbor-kid noise.

Meanwhile, back far to the east, an aging sun made some noise, too — Hillary Clinton in the techno-granny guise of the tweet: “I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”
In a three-minute video posted to her website just prior to tweeting, Clinton proclaimed, “I’m hitting the road to earn your vote,” hopefully, maybe, on the way to the White House.

The drawing of Clinton shown at right was sketched by my youngest daughter, Melissa, sometime in late spring or early summer of 2008 — during those heady days of another presidential campaign against the upstart, Barrack Obama. A good likeness, huh?
The picture has hung one-spot-to-another on my refrigerator door ever since, a wisp-like reminder of one crazy year, and celebrity politicians.

And seemingly long ago, yet only seven years — 2008 goes well beyond the calendar, though, ostensibly creating a tear in the fabric of inept human history, caught now between a serene pose on a refrigerator door, and politics.
Behind Clinton’s campaign kick-off message today, via reality, The Onion picked-up the real Hillary rallying call for another rumble:

“Seriously, don’t you dare even think about it.
“If you shitheads can just get in line, we can breeze through this whole campaign in 19 months and be done with it.
“Or, if you really want, we can do this the hard way.
“Because make no mistake, I’m not fucking around. Got it?”

Hillary’s likeness on the refrigerator door has always usually been held in place by a small, silver magnet with just the one word, “Laugh,” imprinted on it.
A domino-effect of irony could ensue, with giggles and snickers…

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