‘A Climate Space’

March 8, 2016

20140228-135941-250x340Overcast and gloomy-looking here this early Tuesday on California’s north coast. According to the NWS, ‘Rain Likely‘ today, accelerate slowly into ‘Heavy Rain‘ by tomorrow night, and accompanied by ‘Breezy,’ will continue in similar fashion, on-and-off for a number of days.

Weather always a topic — in my neck-of-the-beach/woods weather can shift in minutes, and the really-really-big story right now, should be how the whole, entire world’s weather is being altered to a quickly-approaching unlivable degree.

Words from a brainiac on our dilemma: ‘We are entering a climate space now which is entirely different than anything that’s existed in the history of humanity, and way out of the range that has existed for the history of civilization.’

(Illustration by Handoko Tjung, found here).

Yet we’re being trumped by a shitload of other stories/situations, some/most really-really shitty, too, but safety first, if we’re not alive nothing else matters.
News last week the earth momentarily peaked 2-degrees Celsius (or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above what’s been normal for about 10,000 years was personally a punch-in-the gut — humans supposedly can’t live too well at 2-degrees Celsius, so say the scientists. And what about way-off 2150 or 2100? Research seems to have sprouted up to substantiate.
Pants-shitting stuff…

A new study, published today in the journal, Geophysical Research Letters, reports heavy-human impact on the environment really started in the late 1930s, and appears to be getting worse.
From Phys.org this morning:

The findings, led by Dr Andrew King from the University of Melbourne and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, suggest that without human-induced climate change, recent hot summers and years would not have occurred.
It’s also a conclusion that has been masked until recent decades in many areas by the wide use of industrial aerosols, which have a cooling effect on temperatures – another key finding of the paper.
“Everywhere we look the climate change signal for extreme heat events is becoming stronger,” Dr King said.
“Recent record-breaking hot years globally were so much outside natural variability that they were almost impossible without global warming.”

And this key point, maybe an explanation somewhat of the dire predicament we find ourselves:

There were cooling periods, likely caused by aerosols, in Central England, Central US, Central Europe and East Asia during the 1970s before accelerated warming returned.
These aerosol concentrations also delayed the emergence of a clear human-caused climate change signal in all regions studied except Australia.
“In regards to a human-induced climate change signal, Australia was the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the world,” said Dr King.

All this flies in the face of a Kardashian selfie…or The Donald’s puckered lips, whatever…


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