November 4, 2016

picasso-weeping-woman-1Heavy-duty marine layer this dawn Friday on California’s north coast — the fog thick and wet, and eased about by a chilly breeze.
Supposedly ‘Sunny‘ today, but right now the world is gothic gray.

And fading to black — a mass-chunk of US people express fear and loathing for this election cycle (New York Times):

An overwhelming majority of voters are disgusted by the state of American politics, and many harbor doubts that either major-party nominee can unite the country after a historically ugly presidential campaign, according to the final pre-election New York Times/CBS News Poll.

This year appears to be one of those ‘perfect storms,’ where all kinds of ugly shit come together to create a huge fuck-up…

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman,’ one of a series, found here).

Not really displayed by the poll, or any poll of this nature, is complete recognition to the root of the disgust — T-Rump. The horror bubbling from the asshole, coupled with Republican-party response, already overwhelmed by Hillary hatred, and broadcast without fact-checks or preamble 24/7 by cable news, generated a deep-fog of sick shit, which obliterated the real stench coming from T-Rump.
If he wasn’t here, we’d just be going through a normal, traditional election, a process now more a couple of centuries old.
Last November, Matt Taibbi forewarning at Rolling Stone, tapped-out ‘perfect storm‘ ingredients — the keynote:

Traditionally, we in the political media have always been able to finish off candidates once they start bleeding.
The pol caught sending dick pics to strangers, lying about nannies, snuggling models on powerboats, concealing secret treatments for “exhaustion,” or doing anything else unforgivably weird is harangued until he or she disintegrates.
The bullying is considered a sacred tribal rite among the Beltway press, and it’s never not worked.
Until this year.
Trump should have been finished off half a dozen times — after the John-McCain-was-a-wuss-for-getting-captured line, after the “blood coming out of her wherever” bit, after the “Mexicans are rapists” episode, etc.
But we don’t finish them off anymore.
We just keep the cameras rolling.
The ratings stay high, and the voters don’t abandon their candidates — they just tune in to hate us media smartasses more.

A goodly-portion of the media, however, are now pretty-much adding reality to covering T-Rump. Yet even that only in the past couple of months — way beyond the fail-safe moment when anxiety-nausea had completely consumed Americans.
And in a surreal twist of irony with the presidential candiacy of the first female, this has been a weird year for women, from groping to ‘nasty woman,’ most bullied by Republicans.
Of the artwork above, Picasso had this to say about it: ‘“For me she’s the weeping woman. For years I’ve painted her in tortured forms, not through sadism, and not with pleasure, either; just obeying a vision that forced itself on me. It was the deep reality, not the superficial one… Dora, for me, was always a weeping woman… And it’s important, because women are suffering machines.”

In the time it took to finish this post — sunshine!
In fact, the gothic gray burned-off way-fast, all the way to clear bright.
Now, next Tuesday…

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