Platforms of ‘Anxiety’

December 29, 2016

Clear, bright sunrise this early Thursday on California’s north coast. Supposedly nice weather the next couple of days — no decent-sized rain expected until late-Saturday/early Sunday.

Weathering the unease of the new year is mostly brown-eyes crying in the rain. Even among young people — a new study reveals use of multiple social media platforms, and stroked by the weighty-news of 2016, can make a person go all-gothic.
Conclusion from the abstract at ScienceDirect:

Use of multiple SM platforms is independently associated with symptoms of depression and anxiety, even when controlling for overall TSSM.

And that ‘TSSM‘ is the total time on the gadgets…

(Illustration: MC Escher’s engraving, ‘Old Oliver Tree,’ found here).

Focus of these youngsters unease is T-Rump, of course — anyone with sense feels horrifying apprehension about the immediate future, even with way-little-TSSM.
The asshole hasn’t any real sense, which would be a joke if not for the circumstance, so much anxiety develops when you have a clueless, self-centered creep in charge of just about everything. Yesterday, during a whirlwind, run-in-with-the-press, T-Rump was questioned about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s call for sanctions against Russia/Vladimir for all the hacking — his own words are freaking-freaky.
Kevin Drum at Mother Jones with T-Rump’s reply:

“I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. We have speed, we have a lot of other things, but I’m not sure we have the kind the security we need. But I have not spoken with the senators and I will certainly will be over a period of time.”

A load of incoherent, idiocy. Drum goes further:

Later, asked about Israeli settlements on the West Bank, Trump produced another bit of word salad that made it clear he had no idea what a settlement even was.
This is probably why Trump hasn’t spoken to the press in such a long time.
This kind of callow blather might have been entertaining when it was coming from a buffoon candidate who had no chance of winning, but not when it’s coming from the president-elect.
In other news, Politico reports that Trump was irritated by President Obama’s comments at Pearl Harbor yesterday.
Obama said, “even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. We must resist the urge to demonize those who are different.”

Those are fairly boilerplate remarks, but “these felt to Trump like direct criticism of the president-elect, according to two people close to Trump.”
Gee, I wonder why?

And we wonder at young adults so upset — even if it’s us fucking baby boomers who are dying, Carrie Fisher just the sad latest…and then, Debbie Reynolds…fuck you, TSSM

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