Climate Change Reality

February 22, 2017

Hail-rain this Wednesday mid-morning on California’s north coast, and cold, too.
The white stuff still clinging on rooftops — our latest storm comes from the north, and carries not near as much water as the ‘atmospheric rivers‘ (sometimes called a ‘Pineapple Express‘) we’ve been experiencing lately, but there’s a definite drop in temperature, sometimes creating occasional hail downpour.
Supposedly, a chance of clearing this afternoon as the front drifts southeastward across the area, but only the elements know.

This winter the future, via the Lake Oroville drama — Peter Gleick, chief scientist of the Pacific Institute (Grist): ‘“We’re seeing evidence of more extremes. To ignore that would be a mistake.”

A hugely-understated warning…

(Illustration: Salvador Dali fabric-art, ‘Spring Rain,’ found here).

Despite an enormous pile of ugly, noxious shit toiling Americans, including the gag-reflex horror of life under the T-Rump, the only, single factor that ‘should‘ be on the minds of all of mankind is the true-terror  — climate change. No shit. No joke.
How to stop it? Slow it? How…?
Couple a touch of urgency to the problem, and it’s shits-ville.

Last week at a conference for health professionals in Atlanta (Al Gore was the emcee), the topic centered on climate change and the horror it brings to all aspects of our lives, from the chaos of weather to the spread of  infectious diseases, and just staying alive.
Via TheDailyClimate:

Psychologist Lise Van Susteren introduced examples which she said illustrate climate change’s impacts not on the body, but on the mind. “Climate anxiety” and its sharper cousin, “climate trauma,” contribute to depression, substance abuse, violence, and more, she said.
“Destructive impacts from climate change,” she said, “will someday be treated as if they were child abuse.”

And the crimes against humanity as fostered by T-Rump:

The meeting was originally announced in mid-2016 by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
After Donald Trump’s election, the CDC abruptly pulled the plug on the three-day event, citing “uncertainty” in the agency’s direction under Trump.
Several non-government groups, universities and philanthropies teamed up to salvage a one-day conference on short notice.
The Carter Center’s Chapel held a capacity crowd of 340, including 40 accredited journalists.
The short notice perhaps explains the adorably generic name for the meeting: “Climate & Health Meeting.”
In a surprise appearance, host and former President Jimmy Carter gave the CDC a pass for cancelling its event.
“The CDC has to be a little more careful politically,” he said.
“The Carter Center doesn’t.”
Politics loomed large in one other portion of the gathering: A physician scheduled to present in Atlanta ended up doing so remotely.
According to American Public Health Association President Georges Benjamin, Dr. Nick Watts had recently visited hospitals in Iran, and was denied a visa to enter the U.S.

Climate change a double-whammy — the natural elements, and the action of the T-Rump and his minions…

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