Polls: Unattractive/Unpopular the T-Rump

February 27, 2017

Overcast with an occasional sputtering-drizzle this mid-morning Monday on California’s north coast, and once again we await another storm slated for this afternoon — sunshine supposedly could be on tap starting tomorrow and lasting a few days.

In the era of the T-Rump, way-not much sunlight in all the loathing darkness — except coming from most Americans (via The Hill yesterday): ‘President Trump holds a 44 percent job approval rating in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, a record low for a new commander in chief. Almost half the respondents in the poll released Sunday morning, 48 percent, disagree with Trump’s performance so far.’

And this about Obamacare: ‘The percent of people with favorable views of the law increased from 43-percent in December to 48-percent now. People are still split on whether to repeal the law or not — though far fewer want repeal without details of a replacement plan.’

(Illustration: ‘Donald Trump,’ by Adam Khabibi, found here).

And further on the emotions of the ACA (CNN): ‘Also, a survey from the Pew Research Center found 54-percent of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act — the highest level ever recorded by Pew — while 43-percent disapprove. That’s up from an even split (48-percent-47-percent) in a Pew survey from December, suggesting support for the law may be galvanized by the ongoing public fight over its future.’

In other glad-tidings, poll-wise via The inquisitr on Saturday:

Through it all, the Quinnipiac poll found 52-percent of Americans now insist they trust the news media over Trump to tell the truth about the most important issues of the day, compared to just 37-percent who sided with the president.
“The media, so demonized by the Trump Administration, is actually a good deal more popular than President Trump,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Meanwhile, a Public Policy Polling survey recently found that Americans are now evenly split on the issue of if the president should be impeached just weeks into his administration.
Pollsters found 46-percent of voters are in favor of impeachment and 46 percent are dead-set opposed to it.
Recent polls also found Trump’s post-inauguration approval rating is a record low compared to his recent predecessors.

A recent Marist poll also finds nearly six in 10 respondents (58-percent) insist they are embarrassed by the Trump administration, while 33-percent say his activity in office makes them proud.
As for some of his most public and controversial stances, 60-percent of Americans oppose his signature proposal of building a wall along the Mexican border to coincide with his hardline immigration stance, compared to just 37-percent who voice support for it.

In nearly every poll, a majority of respondents say the country is not heading in the right direction.
In a Monmouth poll, just over one in four or 27-percent of respondents support the way the country is headed, contrasted against 67-percent who see red flags about its overall direction.
More specifically, Trump’s controversial travel ban where he banned travelers from seven mostly Muslim states from being able to enter the U.S. was opposed by 65-percent of overall respondents with 48-percent of them viewing it as a “Muslim ban.”
As it is, Trump’s immigration policies and executive actions garnered just 45-percent of support from respondents, with 51 percent of them thinking illustrations like his fictional Bowling Green Massacre depiction are proof-positive evidence of his unflappable stance on the issue.

I wouldn’t call the asshole, ‘unflappable’ — more an extreme ‘flappable.’

And why is there a T-fucking-Rump at all.
If all else fails in explanation, then it’s got to be online porn — via the Guardian this morning:

Essentially, constant exposure to internet porn could distort our understanding of how the world works, and how we should behave.
Given that most pornography is aimed at men and much of it has “questionable” ethical practices, this would have unpleasant results.
It could give enthusiastic viewers the idea that women are subservient, and deserve to be, even enjoy being, degraded, verbally and physically.
Contrastingly, men who inflict this behaviour on women are rewarded with sex and deference.
Donald Trump won the election with the support of the majority of men against a highly-qualified female opponent, despite his reported behaviour.
Or … because of it?

Dumb synopsis?

Of course it is.
No part of this argument stands up to scrutiny.
It’s just a smattering of basic neuroscience combined with a very simplistic (and somewhat harsh maybe) portrayal of pornography.
People’s sexual leanings and behaviour varies tremendously, as does porn, given how much of it there is.
Internet porn was no less common during the Obama years, and is just as accessible in places like Canada and Germany, which seem to be avoiding the embracing-ridiculous-despots trend thus far.
Invoking a few fundamental neurological processes does not confirm that watching porn causes you to be a gullible sexist, any more than playing Grand Theft Auto automatically makes you a sociopathic serial killer (despite what some media may seem to think).
People doing things without acknowledging the camera isn’t exactly exclusive to porn, it describes practically all TV shows.
This article just is an example of how easy it is to create a valid-sounding theory by forming a conclusion and reverse engineering it, cherry-picking things that back it up from the vast amount of data available.
I cynically picked porn and Trump because those are two extremely popular search terms right now, so people are more likely to read it, but it could have been anything: how renewable energy lead to Labour’s Copeland by-election defeat.
How feminism caused the Oscars announcement chaos.
How Netflix lead to Brexit. They even sound similar!

Interesting, or something…

Posing off that redoubtable-flub at the Oscars last night, and the fuck-suck of the T-Rump, this Tweet says it all:

Tomorrow night, chickenshit state of the chaotic union — can’t wait…

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