Hiatus Due To Ignorance — Global Warming Keeps On Keeping On

May 4, 2017

Overcast with a thick layer of ground fog this Thursday morning on California’s north coast — rain forecast for later today and on into Friday, but the wet will supposedly short-lived as more sunshine due later tomorrow.
Maybe spring has finally arrived…

In our shifting climate, last month was the 29th month in a row with the odds tipped in favor of record highs, and as the T-Rump attempts to scrap the Paris climate accord, the heat continues unabated — the so-called ‘hiatus’ in global warming has again been shown to be ‘fake news.’
A new paper, published in Nature, reveals the changes were ocean orientated (the Guardian): ‘“In a time coinciding with high-level political negotiations on preventing climate change, sceptical media and politicians were using the apparent lack of warming to downplay the importance of climate change,” the paper states. “But a few years of additional data are unlikely to overturn the vast body of evidence that supports anthropogenic climate change.”

(Illustration above found here).

Contrary to reality, the T-Rump tweeted in 2012 global warming was ‘“created by the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive,”‘ and is expected to pull the US out of the Paris climate accord — a decision maybe this week.
We’re fucked in so many ways…

Yet it’s in our faces — via the Nature study’s Abstract (from Phys.org);

Between about 1998 and 2012, a time that coincided with political negotiations for preventing climate change, the surface of Earth seemed hardly to warm.
This phenomenon, often termed the ‘global warming hiatus,’ caused doubt in the public mind about how well anthropogenic climate change and natural variability are understood.
Here we show that apparently contradictory conclusions stem from different definitions of ‘hiatus’ and from different datasets.
A combination of changes in forcing, uptake of heat by the oceans, natural variability and incomplete observational coverage reconciles models and data.
Combined with stronger recent warming trends in newer datasets, we are now more confident than ever that human influence is dominant in long-term warming.

Sunshine attempting to brighten the landscape here this morning, and with it some type hope…not!

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