Warm ‘Sinful Smells’

May 22, 2017

Bright sunshine and way-warm temperatures this early Monday evening on California’s north coast — even now we’re supposedly in the high-60s, and more is scheduled for tomorrow.
We’re in a good-weather zone, and from all indications, will stay in such a condition for at least the next couple of weeks.
Dry and thermal…

And our way-wet past winter also carries a nice benefit (WunderBlog): ‘The generous moisture that graced much of the western U.S. this winter is not only replenishing water supplies but also helping to tamp down wildfire risk. Most of the West can expect average or below-average wildfire potential throughout the summer, according to the seasonal outlook issued on May 1 by the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC).’
Even for mostly-Mediterranean, Pacific style…

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Meditative Rose,’ found here).

This afternoon was the nicest episode weather-wise this year. I took Kuru for her daily PM sojourn, and although at first it appeared maybe a nippy, wet fog bank was starting to roll in from the chilled ocean, the warmth/whatever prevailed, and the entire walk was really nice.
Already a lot of green everywhere — open fields, yards and even growing up through cracks in asphalt, grass/weeds/bushes are sprouting in a flourish.
Despite the winter, this up-shoot — reportedly, fires have already burned nearly 10 times as much area in California this year in the same period of 2016.
Jan Null of Golden Gate Weather Services in a nutshell (WunderBlog): ‘“In dry years the fuels are more combustible, while in wet years there are more fuels…But historically statewide, the acreage burned in California is less in years following wet years than dry years…”
“California’s fire season always needs to be kept in the context of its mostly Mediterranean climate, which is defined by a ‘summer drought. This means that fire danger is exacerbated later into the summer and fall with continued drying from May through September…”
“The bottom line is that every year there is the potential for California to have catastrophic fires.”

Future is fires…

Note: This post was a sort of an attempt to shift from the horror-hole of the continuous news cycle, to maybe-like a chat about the weather — passing time outside the wide-scoped, fright-comedy of the T-Rump saga, coupled with such horrendous news stories, like the Manchester-in-the-UK bombing, and so-forth/so-on…

And for sure, satire the real-route to relief — an uplift, funny read at The New Yorker this morning on the publishing of about seven hundred pages of Trump-related documents “leaked” to the Onion.
Dubbed ‘The Trump Documents,’ include:

Among the leaked Trump documents: a string of e-mails between the President and Boeing’s C.E.O., about Trump’s desired upgrades — marble everything — to Air Force One; some of the Vice-President’s handwritten notes, with helpful illustrations, describing puritanical inventions of his, like a “nose harness” to prevent the smelling of “sinful smells,” like a woman’s skin, and a “blouse that cannot flutter in the wind”; and three of the President’s idiosyncratic daily briefings, written on children’s placemats.
“Like you get at Denny’s,” Bolton said.
“They say things like, ‘These are the security issues today. Find them in the word box!’”
There are Mad Libs-style executive orders (“fill-in a ‘fear-inducing noun,’” one instructs, then an “adjective that implies ‘sub-human’ without actually stating it”), a note from Obama to Trump that was left in the Oval Office, as well as handwritten letters between Melania Trump and her concerned relatives back in Slovenia.

Warm fuzziness…

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