Too Fast for Slow

June 20, 2017

First post in well-more than a week, the longest period in the 10-year history of Compatible Creatures — a literary gap of the times.
A lifelong exertion of a writer absent.

A variety of reasons — most-notable, a continuous, hugely-horrific news cycle, a way-downer, and beyond depressing, starving any mucked-up desire to write shit about all the shit.
And weighing the scales, a personal crisis with one of my kids.
The mind can’t function in any literary fashion with gray shit hanging in the brain — I think it’s the ability to ‘slow down‘ and write, as the actual writing is after-the-fact, and with too-much carbon on the brain stem, the mind travels too fast to actually be able to sit down, put those words on the ‘page‘ (blog) in any creative manner. and half-assed readable.

Even right now, I’m nearly at the end of my creative space this Tuesday afternoon — the mind seems to be picking-up speed again…

(Illustration: M.C Escher’s ‘Three Spheres II,’ found here).

Nowadays, there’s so much going on, the slipping-away brain can’t handle the daily disasters taking place all over the world — especially in the weather. Just when we all need a boost in fighting climate change, instead there’s the T-Rump, a name synonymous with nausea.

In the past few days, in a forlorn-reflection maybe for a better time, I’ve been binge-watching “The West Wing” on Netflix, and perhaps attempting an aspiration for the slow lane…

One day at a time, too.

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