‘A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy’

December 8, 2018

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Oft quoted nowadays — though, a good description of the T-Rump world, or just about any random Republican operating anywhere —  the somber warning of Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi from long, long ago, and far, far away: ‘“Mos Eisley spaceport: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

Deep-meaning words, ‘wretched hive of scum and villainy,’ and the deflating, flatulenting Republican party, going back decades, maybe even back to the exact moment Obi-Wan first muttered them on screen 41 years ago. However, it does offer a fine portrayal right now of one of only two major political parties in this country — a frightful act.
Obviously in that regard, the actual-real reason the GOP allows a corrupt, nasty-malignant douchebag to continue in his Oval Office position is the whole, entire organization/club/brand/party is/are corrupt, nasty-malignant douchebags. They really don’t give a shit about America. They’re grifters, seeking wherever there’s a mark.

Right now, they’re grifting hard in Michigan and Wisconsin — both places Republicans are attempting to retain power despite the voters.
In Michigan, though, they’re taking it a step further, beyond just politics and into actual cruelty: ‘State legislative Republicans have also taken steps to undo initiatives to raise the state minimum wage and paid sick leave in the state.
Yet they’re taking flak, and push-back from people, and these criminal-moral forays into anti-Constitutional behavior could blow up in a shitload of douchebag-faces.

In North Carolina, ‘wretched‘ hypocritical criminal activity — a  pure-bred case of voter fraud, but not performed by immigrants, or Deep-State Dems, but freakin’ Republicans.
The story today at BusinessInsider:

Mark Harris, the Republican candidate for the House seat in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, revealed on Thursday night that his campaign owed over $34,000 to a political operative who’s been accused of illegally collecting absentee ballots from voters and only sending in those in favor of Harris.
The operative, Leslie McCrae Dowless, was contracted by Red Dome Group, a Charlotte-based consulting group that Harris’ campaign hired to help turnout voters in rural Bladen County.

Dowless, court records show, is a convicted felon who has faced jail time for fraud and perjury.
He has denied any wrongdoing in this election cycle.

Several district residents have described having their absentee ballots collected, also known as “ballot harvesting,” which is illegal in North Carolina.
Speaking to local news station WSOC 9, a Charlotte ABC affiliate, Cheryl Kinlaw, a woman who said she was paid $100 to pick up the ballots, said she didn’t think this was illegal because Dowless “has been doing it for years.”
“I feel bad now that I know that it wasn’t legal, but I didn’t know at the time,” she said.

Most-likely, the T-Rump’s base is a collection of Cheryl Kinlaws. And at Law&Crime this afternoon: ‘The allegations against Dowless and the Harris campaign have shocked the nation and upset the Republican Party’s general narrative – usually repeated without evidence – about “voter fraud.” The Tar Heel State’s Ninth District contest is marred by alleged election fraud.
Voters are not alleged to have engaged in any wrongdoing.’

The last sentence the zinger.
Even criminals are wise-guy idiots — the T-Rump has gotten pissed at Rex Tillerson for calling him an undisciplined, unread and willing-to-break-the-law kind of asshole.
Petulant and nasty, T-Rump revealed an even lower level of existence — in response:

“Mike Pompeo is doing a great job, I am very proud of him.
His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed.
He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.
He was lazy as hell.
Now it is a whole new ballgame, great spirit at State!” Trump tweeted.

So, head of the hive speaks…

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