Weather the Atmosphere

February 14, 2019

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Hell Canto 2: Giants,’ found here).

Drizzle and cold-breezy this late-afternoon Thursday on California’s north coast — supposedly, rain later tonight, continuing tomorrow and on-through the weekend. The NWS, though, calls the precipitation ‘Showers,’ so it may not be such a heavy downpour.
Sunshine perhaps on Sunday and hopefully-bright days to mid-next week.

Right now, we’re experiencing after-effects of an ‘atmospheric river‘ that’s been bashing the California coastline the last couple of days — background:

The term “atmospheric river” is a flashy name for a plume of tropical moisture in the atmosphere that can result in heavy rainfall or snowfall in a narrow swath.

Atmospheric rivers essentially act like rivers in the sky and can carry the same amount of water as the near the mouth of the Mississippi River, according to the National Weather Service.

At times, this high-speed conveyor belt of water may act like a giant fire hose. A foot of rain and disastrous flooding may occur a narrow swath, when the system stalls.

A more specific version of an atmospheric river is a setup sometimes referred to as a “pineapple express.”
In this case, a plume of tropical moisture extends from near Hawaii to California or anywhere along the west coast of North America, according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Ken Clark.
“The term pineapple express was used before the term atmospheric river became popular,” Clark said.

In the last few years we’ve become well-acquainted with ‘atmospheric river,’ and now the same could be said for  ‘polar vortex,’ — other words and phrases will be added as time flies past and ‘climate change‘ has morphed into ‘We Be Fucked.’

Today was a weird-ass news day, too. Plenty of shit to keep burning brain cells and destroying bowel parts, from low to high, serious, stupid and scary::

  • The T-Rump is expected to sign a spending bill to avert another government shutdown tomorrow, but the Orange Turd could also declare an emergency, shift money from disaster relief and housing for military families and build the freaking wall.
  • Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has written a book, another in the line-up of T-Rump books, this one called, “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump,” which among other shit, discloses he opened an investigation in May 2017 into whether the T-Rump obstructed justice in firing James Comey as FBI chief amid the Russia investigation.
    NPR called McCabe’s book the ‘darkest’ portrait yet of the T-Rump’s White House: ‘McCabe’s portrait of the Trump administration and of the president himself is as alarming as any we have seen so far — including those of journalists such as Bob Woodward and former staff such as Cliff Sims. Trump appears as an insecure bully who rules by instilling and enforcing fear. McCabe calls Trump “a deliberate liar who will say whatever he pleases to get whatever he wants.”
  • And today is the first anniversary of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people — 14 students, three teachers — were killed.

And onward tomorrow…

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