Climate Change Worse than Reported — New Study

March 20, 2019

(Illustration by Handoko Tjung, found here).

Some drizzle and wind this Wednesday evening on California’s north coast — rain forecast for tonight, but sunshine on the morrow.

Weather is the centerfold of our time, and a downer encapsulates the current narrative — from today’s

A new study has revealed that the language used by the global climate change watchdog, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is overly conservative — and therefore the threats are much greater than the Panel’s reports suggest.

“We found that the main message from the reports—that our society is in climate emergency — is lost by overstatement of uncertainty and gets confused among the gigabytes of information,” says lead author Dr. Salvador Herrando-Pérez, from the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute and Australian Centre for Ancient DNA.
“The IPCC supports the overwhelming scientific consensus about human impact on climate change, so we would expect the reports’ vocabulary to be dominated by greater certainty on the state of climate science — but this is not the case.”

And the real bummer: ‘“Our evolutionary history tells us Earth will ultimately survive more aridity, more hurricanes, more floods, more sea-level rise, more extinctions and degraded ecosystems, but our society as we know it today might not unless we clearly articulate the magnitude of the threat it poses,” says Dr. Herrando-Pérez.’

And the sickening, angry bummer (HuffPost this afternoon):

Faith Vander Voort, the newly promoted top spokeswoman at the Interior Department, voiced support for more surveillance of Muslim communities and argued that attacks by radical self-proclaimed Muslim groups pose a far bigger threat to society than climate change during a 2017 interview full of Islamophobic and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Light headed…

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