Barr Taunts Pelosi: ‘Bring Your Handcuffs?’ — GOP All Mini-Trumps Now

May 15, 2019

Cloudy with low fog and a drizzly-wet this Wednesday evening here on California’s north coast as we’re a-mist a time of rain, at least forecast for awhile.
According to the NWS, all rain until Friday afternoon, ‘Then Mostly Sunny,’ but rain back Saturday, 90-percent, and on we go…

Creepy-horror of the chaotic T-Rump an obvious blowback from the illustration to the left, ‘President Trump,’ by Jonathan Bass (found here), and the frightening of all his minions.

Joe Biden is a major problem to us all if he truly believes his crazy-ass bullshit about the GOP experiencing “an epiphany” if the T-Rump is kicked-out of office next year.
Joe’s delusional. The entire GOP apparatus is the T-Rump now, the brand’s been sliding into the shit-dumpster for a generation — a corrupt, immoral, cravenly-heartless bunch of turds, to the man..

And no matter what happens to the T-Rump in November 2020, if he’s run out of town on a rail or not — if he’s re-elected we are way-seriously fucked, anyway — Republicans will continue to be the party of the douche.
People who are attracted to the T-Rump, work for him, lie, cheat, grift for him, even vote for him, a moral/ethical asset is missing. Flies love shit.

Case in point today from two of the T-Rump’s henchmen/followers — first as reported by the New York Times:

It’s not every day in Washington that the attorney general dares the speaker of the House to lock him up.
But as he mingled backstage with V.I.P.s at an event honoring law enforcement officers on Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning, Attorney General William P. Barr apparently saw an opportunity for a gag — or was it a taunt?
Either way, he gave it a try.
“Madam Speaker,” Mr. Barr said, approaching Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California for a handshake.
“Did you bring your handcuffs?”
Ms. Pelosi, whose Democratic caucus is preparing to hold Mr. Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over Robert S. Mueller III’s full report, had joked last week that the House still had “a little jail” it could put to use, if necessary.
Approached by Mr. Barr, she broke into a smile and replied that the House sergeant-at-arms was on hand for the ceremony, should his services be necessary, according to a bystander.
Mr. Barr chuckled and walked away, the hands of Democratic Enemy No. 1 still free.

What an unmitigated asshole. Laugh in the face of what’s really happening, ‘chuckled and walked away.’

And then there’s Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, a heavy-industry coal and gas lobbyist, testified  today before the House Natural Resources Committee, and was questioned about the report from Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii this week that CO2 levels have reached 415 parts per million, highest ever. (My post on the report).
Bernhardt don’t give a shit (RollCall):

Asked how he’d rate his personal concern about those reports on a scale of 1 to 10, he stated plainly: “I haven’t lost any sleep over it.”
Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., later in the hearing told Bernhardt what he said could have significant news value.
He gave him an opportunity to clarify the statement.
“It’s one of those clips of testimony that will reverberate. People will look back to what you said,” Huffman noted.
Bernhardt said he appreciated the opportunity to add to the previous statement but didn’t turn away from it.
He instead began to explain how, in his view, the U.S. is cutting its greenhouse gas emissions and the department is now factoring climate into its environmental reviews.
“I absolutely care about the climate changing and that we need to factor that into our thinking. I absolutely believe that and I’ve said that over and over and over,” he said.
Sitting directly behind Bernhardt at the hearing were climate activists in swamp monster costumes, and Democrats seized on the theme.
“It’s the epitome of the swamp to have a handful of polluters dictate the environmental policies of this administration. You might wonder why there are people in swamp creature outfits behind you,” said Rep. Mike Levin, D-Calif. at one point during the hearing.
“The public has real concerns about your work, sir.”
The secretary interrupted: “I’m here voluntarily.”

Obvious the bullshit:

In a heated exchange with Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., Bernhardt said Democrats were asking him to commit to banning oil and gas development on federal lands, which he said he lacked authority to do.
“Just to say, ‘From today forward, David Bernhardt says no development on federal lands,’ I absolutely do not have that authority. You have that authority,” Bernhardt said to DeGette.
“Mr. Secretary, nobody’s asking you to do that,” DeGette said.
“That’s exactly what we’re talking about,” Bernhardt replied.
“No, it’s not. What we’re asking you to do is to take climate change into effect when deciding these leases,” she replied.
Bernhardt shot back: “We already do.”

An asshole in a world of assholes.
We’re so-fucked in so-many different ways…

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