T-Rump the Nutski: ‘You know who got me elected? I got me elected’

May 30, 2019

The T-Rump is becoming more and more like an escapee from a mental institution, and today, rasped-out a true stupid: ‘In an ill-tempered series of tweets sent Thursday morning, he said he “had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected.”
Of course, a way-short-time later he tried to deny: ‘“You know who got me elected? I got me elected,” he said. “Russia didn’t help me at all. Russia, if anything, I think, helped the other side.”
Yeah, right…asshole!

On the same level as the ISIS folks? Child molesters? WTF? Read the whole chain, crazy.
Full-on background/reality-check from Jack Holmes at Esquire:

The latest example comes to us Thursday morning, one day after we learned the White House asked the Navy to hide a warship from the President of the United States because he’d go intergalactic if he saw whose name was on it.
It’s the day after we were served a press release from his Department of Energy that referred to natural gas as “freedom gas,” a testament to the notion that things can always get more insultingly stupid.
And it comes the day after now-ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly for the first time in two years, repeating the two great refrains of his Report: the Russians attacked our democracy to get Donald Trump elected and he welcomed it; and the president repeatedly broke the law to block the subsequent investigation, and only Congress can hold him accountable through impeachment.
The response from our fearless leader was to hold a ChopperTalk in which he went absolutely batshit insane, stalking around the reporters’ scrum howling at people about Mueller and McCain and Russia and impeachment.
Everybody pretty much acted like this is normal, as they do during every one of these exhibitions near Marine One — a tactic clearly designed to limit reporters’ ability to ask follow-up questions over the din of the rotors.

Do you notice how the president switches topics and trains of thought almost constantly, often without finishing a sentence?
He jumps around to points of attack and defense, some related and some not, trying to drown the audience in a disorienting swell of misinformation and nonsense.
After all, he can scarcely keep track of all of it.
His only hope these days is to flood the zone with bullshit and snake oil, the currencies he’s traded on his whole life, so that the truth about what he’s done might be obscured in the public consciousness, too deep for enough people to find.

The press, too, has mostly treated Donald Trump as a particularly eccentric president who still exists within a functioning system of democratic accountability.
It’s time we all admit that his behavior is not transgressive or even clownish or disgraceful, but uniquely dangerous to the American republic.
He is unstable, and destabilizing our society every time he makes his instability public, which is constantly.
It’s time to behave like the house is on fire and he’s holding a gas canister — because he is.

Indications are the T-Rump will only become worse and worse…

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Galatea of the Spheres,’ found here).

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