‘We’re a totally peaceful, racist group’

August 8, 2019

Life of the T-Rump’s action — via The Salt Lake Tribune this morning:

Rep. Chris Stewart’s town hall meeting Wednesday evening quickly turned wild when — after three recent mass shootings — the first question asked how the government can better keep people safe amid such threats.
Soon, the event devolved into a shouting match about President Donald Trump’s possible role in inciting the shootings, Second Amendment rights and gun control. The congressman restored order temporarily by threatening to walk out unless the 80-person audience at the North Salt Lake City Hall was more civil.
But the yelling, and sometimes crying, often reemerged. Even after the meeting, several audience members continued arguing loudly with each other, while others offered hugs to comfort those who were upset.
The high emotions were on display when Stewart, a Republican, answered that first question in part by saying everyone should condemn violence and racism.
“Then why did you vote no to condemn racism?” shouted out Jamie Carter, of West Bountiful, saying she was referring to Stewart’s vote against a House-passed resolution condemning what it called Trump’s racist remarks against four women House members of color.
“By your question, you’re implying I’m a racist,” Stewart said.
“She did not,” several people shouted back.
“Why would I support a racist if I wasn’t?” Stewart asked, and many people shouted, either supporting or criticizing him.
Stewart tried to calm the crowd by saying, “Could we all agree that racism is wrong and should be condemned?”
Many said yes.
“Could we all agree that violence regardless of the reason should always be condemned?”
Someone yelled that should especially be the case with the president, who seems instead to incite it.
“The president of the United States, as far as I know, hasn’t shot anyone,” Stewart said.
One man yelled in response that “Charles Manson never shot anyone either” as he led a mass-murdering gang.

And getting hard to straight-face reality embedded in nit-twit white nationalist D-bag (SFGate, also this morning):

From the moment he took to the podium to defend his “Straight Pride” event, Don Grundmann was booed by the assembled crowd at Wednesday’s Modesto City Council meeting.
But he quickly became a source of their unmitigated amusement after a slip of the tongue sent the meeting into joyful laughter.
Grundmann, who is attempting to host a “Straight Pride” rally on Aug. 24 in Modesto, started off by defending his intentions.
“We haven’t done anything,” he protested.
“We’re a totally peaceful, racist group.”
Although he quickly tried to recant the “racist” portion of his sentence, the chambers were already laughing and cheering so loudly he couldn’t be heard.
One of the Modesto city councilmembers can be seen laughing so hard, she fully turns away from her microphone.

It’s going to get ugly…

(Illustration: ‘President Trump,’ by Jonathan Bass, found here).

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