Scandal in Better Times

August 28, 2019

Cloudy and chilly this early-evening Wednesday here on California’s north coast. We had a bit of sun during the day, but by early afternoon the sky was just about all gray.
A morning dog run at the Ma-le’l Dunes was warm and once again exerting…

Anniversary of sorts today, a way-surreal moment from long, long ago — five years can be a very long, long time if you’ve been preoccupied with dangerous-criminal lunacy:

A short space, however, to be viewed as the good old days of yesteryear. Yet seemingly they were — I’d just retired, that day, in fact, day of the press conference, and I felt real good about shit — had some money saved, all my kids seemed to be doing okay, and I was finally officially an old guy.
Since I rigidly follow the news, I remember the fallout being ludicrous.
Interesting piece about the whole Obama ‘tan suit‘ affair from the Washington Post this morning, a reflective instance of how much we’re really-really fucked-up right now:

But on Aug. 28, 2014, when President Barack Obama showed up for a White House news conference dressed in beige, the light-colored suit became a matter of national import.
Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.) fumed that the suit pointed to a “lack of seriousness” on the president’s part, cable news shows held roundtable discussions, fashion critics and image consultants weighed in, and TV news reporters conducted man-on-the-street interviews to find out what the people of Northeast Ohio thought of the controversial look.
Five years later, however, Tan Suit Gate has taken on a different meaning, coming to symbolize the relative dearth of scandals during the Obama administration.
On social media, just about every news item about potential conflicts of interests within the Trump administration and the president’s flouting of norms is met with some variant of “Remember when Obama wore a tan suit?” ‘
In the past week alone, the tan suit comparison has been leveled against President Trump’s assertion that he is “the chosen one,” his demand that U.S. companies leave China, and his desire to hold next year’s Group of Seven summit at his Florida golf resort — just to name a few examples.

Republicans are such incredible hypocritical asshole racists…what a difference five years make.

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Harlequin Head,’ found here),

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