Real Time: ‘Drowning in Flop Sweat’

October 21, 2019

Fading sunshine this early-evening Monday on California’s north coast, gorgeous and sort of warm about mid-day. Little River State Beach was a bit misty in the morning during our dog run, yet way-pleasingly comfortable.
Similar weather supposedly slated for just ahead, at least according to forecasts from the NWS, with toasty temperatures (for the shoreline!) featured for middle of the week, maybe even climbing into the low-80s on Thursday.

As we journey through the era of the T-Rump, the way-more obvious the mental disease of the asshole. He’s incapable of understanding nothing but lies and grift. So bad the corruption, House impeachment proceedings are taking longer to conclude than first figured: ‘The reason: Each witness has so far provided more leads for investigators to chase down, including new names to potentially interview or seek documents from.’
A lot of ugly-criminal shit.

And an immoral gangster’s mock of the Constitution:

As witnessed by this past weekend’s TV interview programs, the atmosphere of journalism covering the T-Rump saga is shifting to a more head-butt, confrontational norm, as sampled by administration nit-twits “drowning in flop sweat” with attempts to rationalize obvious/stated criminal activity.
Reporters are growing spines, even Fox News.
Maybe-hopefully an emboldened news corp — media columnist Margaret Sullivan at the Washington Post this morning with a sampling:

Although it drew little notice, Richard Engel’s report from northern Syria on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” struck me as stunning.
“While this is happening,” the NBC chief foreign correspondent told viewers, speaking about the temporary Turkish cease-fire, “there is ethnic cleansing underway.”
He acknowledged that “that is a very, very big word,” but based on his reporting about the Kurds under siege, there was just no other way to say it.
And although the Engel moment was notable in its forthrightness — simply stating the facts without hedging — it wasn’t the only one of its kind in recent days.
The mainstream media seems to have quietly removed its Trump-normalizing gloves in the past few weeks.

“I do think a corner has been turned in the way he’s being covered,” Nate Silver, editor in chief of, the data-driven news organization, told me in a phone interview Monday.
“There’s just a degree of directness in the way things are being stated that feels new.”
Trump himself seems to think so — and to find it vexing to no longer be able to control the narrative.

Microscope the motherfucker!

(Illustration: ‘A Break in Reality,’ by Xetobyte, found here).

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