Count Waiting: Part Infinity

November 6, 2020

Still waiting on the precipice this Friday morning as the counting continues in four states — the electoral vote tally remains at 264 for Joe Biden and 214 for the T-Rump, who’s handling the whole show like an overgrown asshole.
Although no indication of a winner yet, Biden has overtaken the T-Rump in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and it appears Nevada may be out of running as Joe rolls.

From widely respected editor of the Nevada Independent (Guardian live):

Only spot left for the wasted orange turd is North Carolina, where he leads Biden 50.1-percent to 48.7-percent with 94-percent of the votes counted. And we’re edging closer and closer to a final shout-out that the T-Rump won’t like at all.
However, most-likely when Biden is announced the winner, the shit will hit the fan.

The T-Rump’s intentions pretty much, via CNN this morning:

Two campaign advisers and one source close to the President said Trump will exhaust his legal avenues for fighting the results in several key battleground states before giving any consideration to conceding.
“He’s in fighting mode,” one source close to the President said.
“He thinks it’s in his benefit to fight.”

Yeah, right. Worse words ever for the T-Rump: ‘He thinks…’
However, Biden’s people know:

And more worse words for the T-Rump:

Senator Roy Blunt, who is close to Mitch McConnell, signaled that many in the Republican leadership are reluctant to follow Donald Trump along the path to constitutional chaos if the president attempts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

“You can’t stop the count in one state and decide you want the count to continue in another state. That might be how you’d like to see the system work but that’s not how the system works,” Blunt said.

Blunt added, “Part of the obligation of leadership is you should always have in your mind how do I leave.”

Loser‘ and ‘leave,‘ however, mean the same to the decrepit T-Rump.
And we wait…

In the 90s, I became hugely-infatuated with Enigma during my connection to the great, though, now long gone, ‘The Black Pearl Coffee House’ in Pismo Beach (first as customer, later as a barista) — just one of many songs, Return to Innocence,” maybe a theme for today:

Or maybe not, at least to an innocence Before Time…before the horror of the T-Rump…

(Illustration: ‘A Break in Reality’ by Xetobyte, found here).

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