How/Why The Election Was Stolen — A Conspiracy Of Idiots

December 16, 2020

Best short-spicy summary yet of the idiotic garbage the T-Rump’s legal team has splatered across the political landscape on election stealing/fraud came this morning via Paul Campos at LG&M in explaining the next step come Jan. 6 in the losing/lost battle for the White House:

If even one senator joins the objecting House Republicans however, Congress is legally required to hold a public vote on which of its members are going to sign on to Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from him by the Democrats, the Dominion voting machines, Hugo Chavez, the Lizard People, the Wicca lesbian cult that secretly runs some of our major universities (but perhaps I’ve said too much), the fourth line of the 1987 Edmonton Oilers, and some other people whose identities must be kept secret for now.

Incredible bit of nutshelling there…

Couldn’t be better…

(Illustration found here).

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