GOP’s Voter Suppression Stunts Feed Off The BIG LIE

March 3, 2021

One of the wonders of the T-Rump era is how easily a shitload of people become nasty supplicants to the orange turd, and seem to cower in keeping the Big Lie glaring and loud. In one aspect, the Big Lie is their only course, yet don’t these people have any kind of a conscience:

They’re only playing the hot-red Republican avenue of voter suppression, churned-out under an ugly guise of ‘election reform.’ All Republicans know their sole path to winning passes through cheating.
Pence did just that in a type of op/ed today in The Daily Signal (meda outlet for The Heritage Foundation), whining-lying of “troubling voting irregularities,’ coughed-up to keep alive the Big Lie.
Despite maybe the November elections being one of the most-examined/scrutinized ever, with end results enforced by 60 court cases upholding election integrities; ballot recounts all over the country (three in Georgia alone), which again, found the same outcome; testimony from election officals (mostly Republicans) there was/is no evidence of any widespread fraud (Billy Barr attested same); the Electoral College performing its duties, and even with an insurrection/riot, Congress called Joe Biden winner fair-and-square.
Yet no matter how the T-Rump acts, even if he says ‘sic ’em‘ to his followers to hang you, Pence, and Kemp, too, must keep up the Big Lie, adding weight to the voter supression angle, Republicans ‘only‘ real political approach left to them.

In his bullshit/ed, Pence aims not at verification of fraud, but heaps scorn on actual, real reform, which would nip the GOP’s suppression antics in the bud. This primer-note on Pence’s attack subject via Esquire on Monday:

H.R. 1, the For the People Act, is set for a vote in the House of Representatives this week.

The bill’s sponsor, John Sarbanes, told me it’s an amalgamation of what his constituents have told him, over and over, since he got to Congress in 2007: “We want to be able to vote for you, when you get there we want you to keep paying attention to us, and don’t get tangled up in the money.”
Title one of the bill is the John Lewis Voter Empowerment Act, which would create automatic voter registration across the country, expand early and absentee voting, restore voting rights for felons, streamline the vote-by-mail process, and more.

The bill also takes on partisan gerrymandering, which drives polarization and dysfunction in Congress, granting the power to draw congressional districts to independent commissions rather than party leaders who stand to benefit from hyper-partisan maps.
The legislation takes on dark money and big money in our elections, introducing more transparency to the question of who — including big corporate entities—is spending millions to get people elected. It seeks to break the influence economy in Washington by introducing lobbying reforms.

See, no wonder Republicans are mad to gut this bill. Even the T-Rump last Sunday during his gasbag speech at CPAC, bubbering, ‘“Do you know what H.R. 1 is? It’s a disaster…This monster must be stopped. It cannot be allowed to pass.”
So Pence, the bootlicker, scaredy-cat wrote:

Congress will vote this week on HR 1, the so-called For the People Act, a massive 800-page election overhaul bill that would increase opportunities for election fraud, trample the First Amendment, further erode confidence in our elections, and forever dilute the votes of legally qualified eligible voters.

And in a reversal of pure-irony gazing fondly into a mirror: ‘Every single proposed change in HR 1 serves one goal, and one goal only: to give leftists a permanent, unfair, and unconstitutional advantage in our political system.


(Illustration: ‘National Buffoons,’ by Daryl Cagle, found here).

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