T-Rump’s Big Lie ‘Slow-Motion Coup’

October 27, 2021

As we approach a year after the election, T-Rump’s push on the Big Lie continues to burn brightly and coupled with the shameless anti-democracy shenanigans of the entire Republican party puts America at the end of a short fuse — the assault on our constitutional government norms is led by a vile, horrid orange turd performing a ‘slow-motion coup‘ of hate and revenge.

Despite the obvious legal reality of some 80 failed court cases — nuts:

Just an example of T-Rump’s outreach and how actual people react — there’s a shitload of assholes, though, that will follow the Big Lie and all its’ sub-lies to the bitter end, and nothing is too ‘batshit insane‘ to contemplate. Violence, too, lies right down the lying road. Goaded on by T-Rump lapdogs.
Phillip Bump at The Washington Post this afternoon looks at death and violence off the Jan. 6 insurrection/riot playing off the Big Lie — high points:

On Monday, the right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA had an event during which founder Charlie Kirk took questions from members of the audience.
At one point, a bearded man asked one, as seen in video obtained by Media Matters.

“At this point, we’re living under corporate and medical fascism. This is tyranny,” he said.
“When do we get to use the guns?”

Members of the audience applauded.

“No, and I’m not — that’s not a joke,” he continued.
“I’m not saying it like that. I mean, literally, where’s the line? How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?”

We’ve pointed this out before, but it’s important to reiterate it now. The problem with these false claims of election fraud — these false, nonsensical, debunked, irrational, garbage claims of election fraud — is that people believe them.
They believe them because they trust the people making the claims, like Trump or Kirk. They believe them because people who know they’re false think it’s useful to pretend they aren’t.
People believe that the 2020 election was stolen because Trump insists that it was because he’s embarrassed it wasn’t.
Because Trump’s allies went along with it so he wouldn’t be mad at them and so that they could rationalize new limits on voting.

But if you actually believe this happened, then you’re in the position of that guy in the audience. If you think the election was stolen and that no one is doing anything about it, it’s natural to wonder why more isn’t being done. That was clearly part of what unfolded on Jan. 6 itself: A lot of people who thought the election had been stolen were convinced that being at the Capitol at that time afforded them the chance to do something.
They were told the election was stolen and they accepted that, and then Trump told them the time and place where intervention was needed.
So they showed up.

Trump didn’t win. Donald Trump lost. Those are words he loathes hearing, so he’s done everything in his power to pretend they aren’t true.
And as a result, his supporters injured scores of police officers at the Capitol, and several gave their lives.
As a result, frustrated supporters are wondering out loud when they get to murder the people Trump is saying stole the election.
As a result, those musings are greeted not with condemnation but applause.
This is not a trajectory on which the death toll doesn’t grow.

America’s drama, responding in loud, horrible noises by the minority of our citizens, but a shitload of people, though — in August a survey from the University of Chicago noted 8.1-percent of Americans (21 ‘million‘ people) believe Joe Biden stole the election, and armed force should be used if needed to restore T-Rump to his throne.
And to make matters worse, there are reports Democrats could lose control of both the House and Senate next year, which would pave the way for T-Rump in 2024.
He’s a danger in so many different shitty ways.

Alan D. Blotcky, a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, Alabama, and a clinical associate professor of psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, posted at Salon this morning a deep-dive into T-Rump’s ‘slow-moving coup’ and how it’s starting to pick-up speed, and the Big Lie GQP-apparatus is the major problem for the future of this country. This conversation should be shouted from the rooftops. Go read the whole piece, really spot-on and in-depth — this a glaring bit of ugly reality, though:

Losing our democracy does not seem to feature prominently in the consciousness of most Americans, who do not understand that democracy is inherently fragile and not guaranteed to us by divine destiny. Many seem to take it for granted.
But the end of free and open elections would destroy our democracy. Corruption running amok would destroy our democracy.
Using the Department of Justice to hide malfeasance and to prosecute political rivals would destroy our democracy.
Nepotism and widespread incompetence would destroy our democracy. Undermining our trust in the free press would destroy our democracy. Substituting conspiracy theories for science and truth would destroy our democracy. And unabashed grifting and corruption at public expense would destroy our democracy.
All these examples are central elements of Trumpism and the right-wing Republican agenda. It constitutes their plan for America — and democracy is not in their calculus.

This must be said again: Donald Trump is not just another typical politician.
He is a malignant narcissist whose worst intentions are to destroy anything and anyone that threatens to deprive him of power, wealth and reverence.
He will not stop until he is stopped by others because he has no conscience or moral compass. He is beyond political or personal salvation — he is deceitful, conniving, corrupt and dangerous, without any regard for others.
He has no business being the leader of a country; to him, public service is an anarchic playground for his personal gratification.
His malicious intentions cannot be overestimated.

Don’t turn your back on the asshole, especially with the call coming from inside the house.
Supposedly, the term ‘slow-motion coup,’ has been around a while, used last week by Fiona Hill, and by New York University historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat earlier this month — the big, most-populare one was Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago:

And here we are, once again…

Image out front is my favorite of the T-Rump mugs, though, ‘favorite‘ does not mean in any form or fashion, as in, ‘my favorite movie,’ or ‘my favorite song.’
It’s more of an anti-appreciation/like.

And aptly titled, ‘Basic Shapes,‘ by caricaturist/illustrator Chong Jit Leong (and found here), it’s an image that displays the elemental form of a purloined sociopath — a bloated profile of flatulent bile and arrogant ignorance.

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