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Economics Before Lives: T-Rump Thunders ‘Our country wasn’t built to be shut down’

March 23, 2020

Another day in the life. Although we’re under a ‘shelter in place‘ order here in California, I had to visit the post office this morning to mail-off some ‘essential‘ shit least I end up in…

Twit T-Rump ‘Furious’ at Gov. Cuomo for being Competent

March 22, 2020

(Illustration found here). As we spin through this weird-ass conundrum of the coronavirus, our biggest enemy in acquiring a handle on the pandemic is the T-Rump, and his self-centered bullshit that’s impeding an organized assault…

T-Rump’s ‘Bullshit Attack’ on a Reporter Reveals a True Asshole-Douchebag

March 20, 2020

As we spiral out of control into the vapors of COVID-19, today’s nut-shit press conference with the T-Rump revealed himself not only as an asshole of vile, way-low moral values, but also a dangerous, contemptible…