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Biden Signs COVID Bill! Checks In The Bank ‘Early As This Weekend’

March 11, 2021

An unexpected pleasure: Via the Guardian‘s live blog: With the flick of his pen, Biden signed into law a $1.9tn coronavirus relief package, cementing the first major legislative victory of his presidency. “This historic legislation…

The American Rescue Plan Is Passed, So Now To Save Democracy, For The People Act Needs To Also Happen — And Way-Soon

March 10, 2021

Now that the American Rescue Plan has passed both Houses of Congress and heading for Joe Biden;s signature to combat the wide effects of the COVID pandemic, it’s way-time for passage of For the People…

America Rejoins Paris Climate Accord Just As Texas Proves We Are Not Prepared To Combat Global Warming

February 19, 2021

(Illustration from the UN’s International Children’s Painting Competition, and found here). One of the top-tier news stories the last few cycles has been the weather in Texas, and really, throughout the southern US as a…