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White House Reporters: Joe Biden Not ‘Dramatic’ Enough

July 14, 2021

Journalism, or at least what figures as journalism nowadays, got front-and-center today in another dust-up between the marvelous Jen Psaki, and Fox News‘ Peter Doocy, one tone-deaf dumb-ass: Highlights via Raw Story: White House Press…

Biden Might Need ‘To Fact-Check The Media’ In Actual Reporting

March 26, 2021

Some dangling participles today from Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference with an emphasis on reporters not really doing their jobs (I touched on this yesterday) and seeking out shit not needed to be sought…

Biden White House Press Briefings ‘Quite A Hairpin Turn’ From T-Rump’s — Now Reporters Rejoice ‘Be, Like, ‘Wow!’

February 6, 2021

Among the large scope of the new Joe Biden presidency is the wonder of the press briefings orchestrated by Jen Psaki, which in it’s straightway openess has allowed the nation to witness once again how…