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The American Rescue Plan Is Passed, So Now To Save Democracy, For The People Act Needs To Also Happen — And Way-Soon

March 10, 2021

Now that the American Rescue Plan has passed both Houses of Congress and heading for Joe Biden;s signature to combat the wide effects of the COVID pandemic, it’s way-time for passage of For the People…

House Passes COVID Relief Package! Biden Will Sign It Into Law On Friday

March 10, 2021

Less than two months after taking office, Joe Biden has popped a grand slam: Despite what Republicans are blubbering, this package will help take care of Americans — details via Vox about an hour ago:…

‘Herd Immunity’ To COVID Could Take Awhile — T-Rump And The Russians Obstructing MAGA Brain-set On Vaccines

March 8, 2021

(Illustration found here). Although the CDC released easier guidelines today in lifestyle choices for fully-vaccinated folks, the playbook continues it’s still dangerous for COVID-19, and even now, a year later, we still don’t know a…