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‘Trump Death Clock’

May 8, 2020

We’re in an era of ‘you can’t make this shit up,’ shit: Background via the Guardian‘s live blog this morning: The Trump Death Clock, the real-time tracker that seeks to put a figure on the…

Seemingly Everybody Agrees: T-Rump is Nuts!

May 2, 2020

Saturday afternoon here in California’s Central Valley. Pleasant day overall, breezy and not bad. Considering. Blogging in the backyard again. Outside has become a habit, a quiet influence over a mental-screaming exasperation for our dour-looking…

Bill Gates: ‘I think [Trump] will do deep analysis’ and Fund WHO — Yeah, right!

April 26, 2020

Another day of pestilence of the health-related kind, fueled by America’s insane predicament in the throes of a complete lunatic who is making our virus-infested Twilight Zone episode even more deadlier. The T-Rump is a…