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Shut It Down: Now!

January 16, 2019

(Illustration found here). As far as our environment goes, it’s getting way-close to the now-or-we’re-fucked point — the Guardian yesterday: The study found that if all fossil fuel infrastructure — power plants, factories, vehicles, ships and…

Shut-Down ‘Embarrassing for the Country’

January 11, 2019

(Illustration above: M.C Escher’s ‘Scholastica,’ found here). As the work-week comes to a close this Friday evening, the natural momentum of our terrifying times-of-history doesn’t have weekends off, so the ruthless grind of weird shit…

Caution: ‘Advance Notice of Something’

January 10, 2019

(Illustration by Handoko Tjung, found here). Sunshine though faded is fully-welcomed mid-afternoon Thursday here on California’s north coast, first real shine in awhile. Rain expected for tomorrow, maybe some sun on Saturday, but mostly just…