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Afghan Again — Firefight Claims Five/Six US Soldiers

February 8, 2020

(Illustration found here). Even as the US seems to be on the cusp of break-down, we’ve still got the war on terror going strong, especially in Afghanistan — from the Military Times this afternoon: Numerous…

Economy of Sense

December 2, 2016

Overcast and cold this early Friday on California’s north coast, and supposedly maybe some sunshine later, with no rain forecast until Sunday. As T-Rump bumbles into control, Americans at least for the moment are in…

Iraqi Inquiry — Blair Blares: ‘The World is Better and Safer’

July 6, 2016

Sunshine, near-clear skies and some gentle ocean breezes this Wednesday afternoon on California’s north coast — a thick-looking fog bank hangs seemingly just to the northwest, but we’re not gray-covered as of yet. Experienced some…