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Mass Shootings: ‘The Gun, The Gun, The Gun, The Gun’

January 24, 2023

Sunset to another gorgeous day here this early-evening Tuesday in California’s Central Valley — we’re drying out in style. According to predictions, rain maybe this weekend, so all is clear until then. An update on…

State-Of-The-Climate For The New Year — Just More Melting Of Our One-And-Only Ice Cream Cone

January 22, 2023

A tight, chilly wind near sunset in California’s Central Valley this Sunday, drawing close to the end of another gorgeous day in a week-long respite from those ghastly atmospheric rivers. It’s been a time of…

John Kelly Used A Mental-Health Guide Book To Handle T-Rump’s ‘Crazytown’

September 15, 2022

Another T-Rump White House tell-all book offers up the starling news the Orange Turd is a horrible, horrible human being and way-fucking mentally disturbed. Surprised? Of course not. Yet it’s still way-unbelievable that this mean,…