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T-Rump Virus Outrage — Golf While Americans Die

November 21, 2020

As surging COVID-19 explodes across the US tallying-up record numbers with no immediate end in sight, the T-Rump, supposed leader of any national response to this catastrophic crisis, instead blows off an international summit on…

Founding Fathers ‘Couldn’t Fathom’ An Asshole like the T-Rump

November 21, 2020

Horror of the 2020 election continues today as the T-Rump is still holding on fast to pure, unbridled bullshit. As he demonstrated yesterday during a quick press briefing, where after again proclaiing, “I won,” declined…

‘Stay-at-Home’ to Fight The Virus

November 19, 2020

Crystal-clear and chilly this early-evening Thursday in California’s Central Valley as we bring another dislocated workweek close to completion — one more day and we’re into the weekend. Yeah — screamed in a faintly-audible whisper.…