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In The Rafters With The Debt Ceiling

September 23, 2021

(Illustration: ‘Government Shutdown Crisis,’ by Nonja Tiller, and found here). As if Americans didn’t currently have enough on their collective-disaster plate, now there’s the idiotic GQP-influenced debt ceiling bullshit, maybe leading to a US government…

America’s Murder Rate Last Year Highest Since 1960 — No Precedent For The Increase

September 23, 2021

Cool and comfortable this mid-day Thursday here in California’s Central Valley as apparently-obvious we’re into the autumn season — if only it stayed this way. Winter, however, is now one day closer. Dying in the…

New Poll On Right-Wing Media: Enormous Influence On Stolen Election Lies

September 16, 2021

Fall-feeling weather this late-afternoon Thursday here in California’s Central Valley, and even with temperatures in the low-90s, there’s still an autumn sense to the air — not so fricking hot and heavy as been the…