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Media Handling Of The J&J Vaccine Pause ‘Bungled’ — Led To Even More Vaccine ‘Hesitancy’

April 14, 2021

Finally off the shit list — today Merced County where I live skipped up a notch from the worse in California. From the Merced Sun-Star this morning: Merced County officials say they received good news…

T-Rump Lies And Rants, Joe Biden Still Way-Popular And Doing A Good Job

March 29, 2021

As Joe Biden continues to be as popular as ever, and carries on with poise and determination, the wallowing-in-pity T-Rump maintains his lying status as a goof-ball dipshit, and after hyjacking a wedding repection over…

Biden Might Need ‘To Fact-Check The Media’ In Actual Reporting

March 26, 2021

Some dangling participles today from Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference with an emphasis on reporters not really doing their jobs (I touched on this yesterday) and seeking out shit not needed to be sought…