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‘Destination’ 11 — ‘Understand What I’ve Become’

December 24, 2021

In lieu of dismal words this Friday morning on the eve of a holiday, another post in our ‘Destination‘ series of music and non-hand-wringing (last one here and if you want, follow the series backward…

Sunday Serenade Silently Screaming — ‘Into The fog Where No One Notices The Contrast Of White On White’

November 7, 2021

Leaving the dismal news cycle alone for a bit this Sunday morning, and fastening our anxiety-anxious view to some music I’d listened to or mulled over this past week and on how appropriate the sound…

‘Destination’ 6: Never Too Late To Scream, ‘What’s Going On?’

May 15, 2021

Another chapter in the ‘Destination‘ series (last one here), and a look backwards to reflect in some small way what we’re experiencing today. Our current era is more-weirder than yesterday’s, though, sadly there’s still the…