August 9, 2012

Sitting here this early Thursday morning surrounded by quiet, I can hear shit plop a mile away.
Jezebel reflects:

This whole Chick-Fil-A debacle, it seems, is all fat people’s fault.
This might be a great week to be a chicken, but it’s the fucking worst week to be a fat gay guy.

Apparently, the entire US political scene is nothing more than assholes pumping out bullshit — that’s not to say bulls are bad, or worse than chickens, but shit still stinks.

(Illustration found here).

Not only are American politics innudated by assholes, but they’re at the Olypmics, too.
From Gawker last week:

Some asshole was arrested and beaten up by a Dutch girl in London yesterday after attempting to hit sprinter and noted polite person Usain Bolt with a bottle just before the start of the men’s 100 meter final.
A police spokesman said the man, 34-year-old Ashley Gill-Webb, had been shouting abuse at Bolt as the racers took their marks.
Video of the event captured Webb hurling a green plastic bottle at the runners, though it landed behind them and caused no injuries.

Immediately after Gill-Webb threw the bottle, female Dutch judo competitor Edith Bosch, acting on behalf of the world, beat him up.

Right on — too bad we don’t Ms Bosch following Mitt Romney around and beating the asshole hard about the hairline when ever a muddled lie passes his pearly lips, or even those involved with ‘horse ballet.’
A guy at Deadspin.com tries to get permission to use a photo from the biggest, baddest ‘equestrian Internet site in world,’ but they apparently don’t give a shit about no one else.
In a e-mail exchange between writer and a sloop named Ken Braddick, proprietor of Dressage-News.com.
As follows:

Hello Ken,
I am writing a story about Ann Romney and her horse Rafalca for Deadspin.com as part of our Olympic coverage.
I was wondering if you might allow us to use some of the photos from this story: http://www.dressage-news.com/?p=16317 to go along with our piece.
We will of course give full credit for the photos to you and your site.
Tom Ley
210 Elizabeth St. #4, New York, NY 10012

Afraid not.
No permission is granted.
I don’t know Deaddspin.com.
Kenneth J Braddick

We are a Gawker Media property with 2.3 million monthly readers.
Here is a link with some information about who we are and what kind of an audience we have: http://advertising.gawker.com/deadspin/
If we were able to use some of your photos, it might help generate some increased interest in your site.

I have twice your viewership.
According to the latest market survey released end of June dressage-news.com is #1 equestrian Internet site in world in both viewers and credibility.
I spend a fortune covering equestrian events around the world.
I don’t know what your site will do to increase my viewership/credibility.
I think I know my industry well and do not want my images, acquired at enormous cost (I’ve been in Germany since July 2, heading to London tomorrow and will be there through the Olympics, my third trip to Europe this year) used for purposes other than the way I present them.
I do not sell my photos, so by implication don’t care about expsue to a “larger” audience.

And then Tom ties the bow: If you weren’t already convinced that dressage is a sport that is populated and appreciated largely by snooty assholes, you probably are now.

And so it goes.

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