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The Day After Yesterday — Crazy MAGA Talk ‘Ecosystem’ Translates Into Threats

November 24, 2023

Here we are on Friday, the day after yesterday. Although there’s great news out of Gaza, in America, the Republican brand remains not-screwed-on-tight with letting go of the crazy. Not only from the T-Rump —…

Quickly-Approaching Climate-Change Catastrophe: ‘A Failure Of Leadership’ (And The Rich!)

November 20, 2023

As we start Thanksgiving week this Monday morning in the US, the world is on the edge of shit-storming climate change seemingly barreling out of control without much reactions — UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns:…

Randy Rainbow On George Santos: ‘Oh, Everything He Does Is Just A Shit Stir’

November 18, 2023

Weekend again — time flies when America is having so much fun! And via the wondrous Randy Rainbow explaining the anti-marvelous Ms Santos: Meanwhile, straying further from dream to nightmare: In that near-same, familiar vein…