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Presidents’ Day Stink Ranking — T-Rump Dead-Skunk-Smell Last! (UPDATE: Joe Biden/Abe Lincoln Connection)

February 19, 2024

Sunshine in the midst of some big, billowing clouds this near-noon Monday here in California’s Central Valley — despite another atmospheric river crashing into the state again, we’re most likely in waiting for bad weather…

House GOP One Winning-Vote Impeachment — ‘To Further Appease Donald Trump’

February 13, 2024

An arrival back in the ether — a return this early-evening Tuesday after eye surgery last week. So far, the cataract procedure is working out good, all is well and on schedule. A follow-up appointment…

Republican Congressional Carnage: ‘I’ve Gone Through The Multiple Stages Of Grief. Today I’m Just Pissed Off’

February 7, 2024

Laughing stock in government — the entire Republican party is a whipped bunch of T-Rump ass-kissers who have now proven they can’t govern even with an agenda pre-set for them — the border deal, the…