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‘Doomscrolling’ On A Sunday, Or Yet, It Could Be Any Day That Ends In The Letter, ‘Y’

September 25, 2022

(Artwork by Amina Sallam, and found here.) Another fine autumn late afternoon here in California’s Central Valley and a good end to the weekend, weather-wise. In the sense of happy days, though, it’s all pretty…

Merrick Garland Needs To Act Now — Time’s A-Wasting

February 12, 2022

In a spin-off of yesterday’s post and the wake-up call needed for AG Merrick Garland to get his ass in gear to prosecute the T-Rump for the shitload of crimes he committed in broad daylight…

America’s Reality-Time Check On Our System: ‘We Are Losing Our Democracy Day By Day’ — Yet The Media Fails To Instill The Danger/Importance

January 3, 2022

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Guernica,’ and found here). Another gloomy-gus democracy on the brink poll — via NPR this morning, though,┬áthe results indicate the lying, rot-backside to the destruction of the American experience: A new NPR/Ipsos…