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Quickly-Approaching Climate-Change Catastrophe: ‘A Failure Of Leadership’ (And The Rich!)

November 20, 2023

As we start Thanksgiving week this Monday morning in the US, the world is on the edge of shit-storming climate change seemingly barreling out of control without much reactions — UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns:…

Randy Rainbow On George Santos: ‘Oh, Everything He Does Is Just A Shit Stir’

November 18, 2023

Weekend again — time flies when America is having so much fun! And via the wondrous Randy Rainbow explaining the anti-marvelous Ms Santos: Meanwhile, straying further from dream to nightmare: In that near-same, familiar vein…

Republicans To Americans: ‘A Hammer To Their Kneecaps’

November 17, 2023

Dark too soon this early-evening Friday here in California’s Central Valley — another week of useless Republican non-governance as the sun sets across a chaotic, close-to-the-edge-of democratic catastrophe America; a clusterfuck of a shitstorm for…