Please, Bartender, or doctor

October 18, 2012

Another clear sky this morning on California’s northern coast, stars twinkling and a slight cool breeze, though, a ground mist like yesterday could spoil a thunderous sunrise.
After a little spat of rain earlier this week, the days and nights have been gorgeous.

Not so pretty the US political scene — at least on the right side of the nut ward.
Apparently, within minutes last night after Katherine Fenton asked the perilous question during the presidential debate on the gender wage gap, she was coated with a “Sandra Fluke intermission,” and was another part of the “feminazi leftist lie,” which is destroying American ideals. (Via Media Matters).

(Illustration: Picasso’s ‘The Acrobat,’ found here).

Wingers can’t seem to handle the horrible fact Mitt Romney is the worst presidential candidate maybe in US history — I thought the McCain/Palin ticket was bad, but, whoa!
Romney turned a normal turn Tuesday night and was most-likely being his nasty, self-serving self when he came unglued during the debate — a lot of shit has been tossed into the air, but wingers can’t comprehend reality.

CNN‘s Soledad O’Brien — who of late has become one of the few push-back journalists to take GOPers to task for their bullshit — quipped yesterday she needed a good, strong shot of alcohol anytime after interviewing John Sununu, in his own right a full-blown, delirious asshole.
From Raw Story:

“I always need a cocktail after I speak to him,” the CNN host sighed.
“I really need a vodka and tonic after I talk to him. He takes such exception when you read quotes and comments. And we sort of had a similar issue, I thought with Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani when you try to get to, let’s look at specifically what was said… and you get attacked for it.”
“He has a point of view, I think it’s fair to say,” O’Brien said of Sununu.
“And he loves to shout about it on TV often.”
“He certainly is charming when says, you’re out of your mind,” CNN host Christine Romans snarked.
“I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer take offense at all or at anything he says,” O’Brien concluded.
“Obviously, he’s hitting on me.”

Not in any kind of romantic way, though, Soledad.

Although President sort of channelled US outrage into seeing Romey as a dipwad asshole: And, finally, he made us angry that Mitt Romney doesn’t give a damn if his sons are paid more than your daughters for the same exact work and that Mitt Romney thinks of women as objects that can be collected in binders.

However, after reading this I better understand Romney’s problem:

Highly emotional in the wake of last night’s town-hall-style debate, a tearful Mitt Romney called a press conference this morning to “come clean” about having a rare, little-understood disease known as Shuttlesworth Syndrome, a condition that prevents its victims from sitting quietly on stools anytime they are repeatedly told to do so.
“As a sufferer of this rare disorder, being told to sit down and shut up—particularly when a stool is involved—only provokes in my central nervous system a violent overreaction that forces me to behave in the exact opposite manner,” Romney told reporters, his voice cracking with emotion as he revealed his secret to the world.
“Without meaning to, I reflexively stand up, stride forward, and continue trying to speak—doing so even, and especially, when one or more people are instructing me to stop talking immediately and go back to my stool.
It is a truly debilitating condition that I have battled all my life.” Romney said additional symptoms of the syndrome include an inability to maintain a convincing human smile, inexplicable reversals of previously stated policy positions, and an impaired ability to chuckle without sounding like a deranged maniac.
The Onion

So there you have it — it’s medical.

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