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November 7, 2012

All over now but the screaming.

The big, wonderful news last night: Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren.
(And as a side issue by the way, President Obama is still president — albeit “razor tight“).
And with hope, Mitt Romney disappears forever trying to find his car elevators.

Nearly anti-climatic this election, though, you’d never have thunk that on Monday as Colbert informed in the above clip, and Romney still could have pulled his shit out of the toilet, but alas, reality springs eternal as the ballot box so doth show — and the air in at least three states will carry the faint odor of skunk weed.

(Illustration found here).

People with female body parts had a sweet night.
Liz Warren bares all:

Buoyed by a strong showing in urban strongholds and liberal suburbs, Warren made history: She will become the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate.
Warren, 63, told cheering supporters at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel in downtown Boston that she would not forget what they had done to elect her.
“I will always carry your stories with me in my heart,” she said.
“I won’t just be your senator. I will be your champion.”

Warren is by far the best of a hopeful new look to how politics plays toward work-class heroes.
If she continues to play out her campaign themes in Washington, we’ll have a great, new voice in the US Senate.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin also beat Republican Tommy Thompson for the Senate, the first openly-lesbian in Congress, and Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat who lost both her legs during the Iraq war, knocked major-asshole and Tea Party fruitcake Joe Walsh out of the box for the US House.
Duckworth plus: “My stance (on LGBT rights) is based on my conscience,” she said. “I don’t know whether it is good or bad (politically), but it is the right thing to do.”

Most-likely, the dumbest sequence of events last night came from — wait for it! — Fox News.
George Jr.’s brain, Karl Rove, got upset about how Fox news called the election for Obama:

Rove said it was “premature” and “early” to make any real decisions.
“So, maybe not so fast, folks!” Wallace said.
There was a pained silence.
“Uh, thank you!” Bret Baier said.
“That’s awkward,” Megyn Kelly added.

And even more awkward and dumb was Kelly’s tipsy walk from the news desk to the room where all the math is compiled, all to settle Rove down.
Read more and see the clip of this gosh-awful — and hilarious — piece of non-journalistic bullshit at Crooks&Liars.

And now, most-most-hopefully, Obama will turn great attention to climate change — if not, don’t sweat politics in 2016, the entire freakin’ world might be in a different state by then.

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