Meteorite Not

December 14, 2012

meteor-shower-1833-grangerOvercast and a drizzle-like rain this morning along California’s northern coast, which should temper any kind of look at the annual Geminid meteor shower set to sparkle down on us in the early hours.
Although the weather’s been way-clear every morning this week, now the skies are clouded just when there’s something to see — debris falling on our heads is fun:

Despite their bright, twinkly appearance, the objects that will be on display are not actually stars – they’re remnants of the asteroid Phaethon that burn up when they hit the Earth’s atmosphere.
Our planet orbits through Phaethon’s debris field at this time every year.
Most meteor showers are the result of Earth’s passing through the remnants of a comet, but the Geminid meteor shower was the first to be traced to an asteroid, according to Stardate.

(Illustration above found here. Illustration out front found here).

Even if the skies are cloudy all day — it’s Friday!

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